What is Assumption School?

 Assumption School is an educational entity where, for 100 years, students, teachers and families have been integrating Gospel values into daily living.  Assumption School has created a climate in which each child can develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially and can, in turn enhance the world!

Assumption School has, for 100 years, provided an environment that encourages an understanding of Catholic doctrine, liturgy, sacraments, scripture and personal prayer to build a relationship with Christ.

Assumption School is a 100 year old educational establishment that provides its students with challenging, yet realistic goals to achieve their full potential.

Assumption School has, for 100 years acted as an aid to parents who are trying to raise their children with morals, values and sound basic skills.

For 100 years, Assumption School has been a home away from home, for thousands of children and their families.  The school halls echo with memories of fun, friends, family, and faith.

I am honored to serve as one in a long line of principals who have had the opportunity to and lead and shape this fine school.  Let me say, along with our wonderful teachers, fine staff, amazing students and fabulous families, Happy 100th Anniversary, Assumption School!  May you continue to serve the children of God of 100 more years!